Main Menu problem

I soon flush this thing down the toilett :cry: and i buyed it yesterday

I have no idea what i have done to trigger this, but now as soon as i start up my player

it goes auto-directley into to the recording map permanentley, and its completely impossible to get out

of the map and acces the main menu, cause no buttons respondes exept play/record for some reason…so i can record and save it,

otherwise it is completley stuck, how do you press to get out of thath map?  i promise thath no button works

i have deleted every song in the media/music map from explorer, exept bethowen wich is impossible?

everything worked yesterday something has happend, and how will i ever be able to fix

this when i cant acces the reset deafult settings

Most interesting is if you could tell me what button i should have used to leave the “record” map normaly, perhaps i have missed something fataly

Another thing, is there possibility thath this could have occured if something gets deleted inside the Sansa Express map thath should not be deleted, something sensitivei dont know what…im just trying to lead you in thath thaut

And is there any reset button on the outside of the player? i have not found any, if this doesnt solve i hope i will be able to replace this unit

The solution was to press Menu and + together at the same time :smiley::