MAC/San Disk Fuse Transfering Files

I have the San Disk Fuse 4 GB and new to the MAC World. I’ve been reading this board and am getting a lot of good ideas. 

I have tranfered music files that are MP3 that have ended up in I Tunes> I am trying to transfer them to the player.

When I download the Windows Media Player I receive an encrypted document so I think I am doing something wrong.

I’ve switched my player to MSC. I am trying to find a player to transfer these songs to it. I’m very new to MAC to I need

someone to give me what I need to do to move these songs to my player. I have OS X. Do I need Leopard?

Windows made this easy. MAC seems to be hard to do this. I would really appreciate if someone could explain this to me

like I am a third grader, because I feel like one now. 

If you have your Fuze in MSC mode (Settings -> System -> USB Mode), then the Fuze should show up as a flash drive on your Mac…or at least it does for me on Linux. I don’t think MTP mode is supported in Macintosh.

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if your willing to break away from the status quo that is itunes. Try Media Monkey it does everything Itunes does only it works with the fuze.