mac os X 10.5.8

Ok I feel like a total ■■■■■. But where do I begin??? I have microSDHC and I do not know how to install it. I went to the link where it said to go for MAC, downloaded something and it did nothing???

Extremely :confounded: Frustrated

What do you intend to do with it? A micro SDHC card is a simple memory storage medium like any other flash/thumb drive, or external hard drive. Put it in a memory card reader (you may also need to use a full-size adaptor) and plug it into a USB port on your computer. Your mac should pick it up. If not, try different ports.

I am talking about the MP3 player.


You said you had a [Quote] microSDHC [End Quote]. That is a memory card.

If you have an mp3 player, then please call it what it is and tell us which model and maybe someone can help you.

I’ll tell you this though, without even knowing what player you have, it must have its USB conection set to MSC mode in order to work with a mac. This option is in the Settings > System Settings > USB Mode on most players.

FYI, you may also notice that this forum has boards for all SanDisk’s different players. I wold suggest posting in the one relevant to your particular device in order to get the most esposure to those prepared to help answer your question. There’s no need/benefit posting in the Off-Topic board. :wink:

I do appreciate you answering. So please do not get upset about my post here. 

However this technology is totally new to me. I have had my head on books for the last 5 years working on mt Dr in Psychology so no time to keep on on techy stuff. 

You obviously have kept up so perhaps we can share info to help each other. I could easily give you some psychology speak you would not understand but that is most immature.

So we have been learning different things, that is all. 

I posted here because I could not find any appropriate place with all the techy speak. I did the best I could with the info I knew. 

All I know is that I have a SanDisk mp3 player that has a disk for PC’s not Mac. The printed directions told me to go to a certain address which I did that did not help either, too much techy speak. 

I could just use some simple step by step directions like:

plug such and such into the usb. etc.etc. yes I know what a usb is. 

sansa clip zip sandisk 4 gb is what the box says. 


@hdawn wrote:


sansa clip zip sandisk 4 gb is what the box says. 



Good, that helps. Click here for the User’s Manual. Many of your questions will be answered there.

If you have any other questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask in the Sansa Clip Zip board and welcome to the forum. :smiley: