mac OS - showing title

Hello:  this is for apple mac OS 10 systems.  I want to have the titles as they appear on the mac’s screen, appear as the same on the clip+ screen.  As it is now, it’s the same old problem of the “dual-type” of titles (a “long-form” with lots of characters, none of which resembles the title of the the selection as it appears on the mac, and the “form as it appears on the mac’s screen”, which does resemble a song title).  On winOS, there’s a moderately simple workaround, which the user manual gave.  But the manual deals minimally with Mac, & nothing there on this.   I don’t use winOS normally.  “Get Info” , the mac equivalent of winOS “properties”, does not show the field of the long title, so I cannot change it there.  Where can I find & change that long title using the mac OS?  Thanks.

I’m using the same setup and found:

The simple app cleans up all the extraneous marks and dead files we mac users find on our sansa clips.

Hidden Cleaner, as well as KopyMac before, often have been recommended for transferring files from a Mac to a non-Mac device. 

Hi, it’s been a few weeks of trying the suggestions, thanks.  But, they don’t work.  Any other apps that can get at the info as it appears on the clip+?

-Hidden cleaner seems to do “something” but not much.  There’s some minor cleanup of characters.  But the characters as they appear in say, the “songs” directory of the clip+, aren’t what I put in there on my mac.  In PC, properties, there’s a tab where the actual info as it will appear in the clip+, can be modified.  Further, using the mac to move the file to the clip plus, doesn’t always end up in “songs.”  Again, the clip+ seems to read what is in the “properties” of windows, so if a field says “podcast” there, that’s where the file will go, not in “songs.” And hidden cleaner do not show these “properties” so I can’t modify the contents.

-as far as KopyMac, that link looks long dead, I could not find it available anywhere.  It looks to me like apple legal got to the developer.

thank you.