m4a album art question

Hi all!
Long thought to write here or not. I do not know, maybe the subject slipped - help me please find it. We all know that the size of the cover of mp3 files of our favorite player is 82x82 pixels. But when I set the same size to the m4a files I’m addicted to, the cover is displayed much less in size than it should be. Maybe somebody has already chosen the right size for m4a (aac) files? Thanks for the future support and sorry for my bad English - i’ve used Google translator.

Try using 200 x 200 pixels with resolution = 72 pixles/inch. Use jpg image format.

Nah. it didn’ worked for me, but I solved the problem. Our player, perceives only whole numbers for rendering album arts. At least in m4a files. So I set it to a size of 80 pixels in width and it exactly uploaded me the album cover. And even fast enough. Thanks guys for the help, I think you can close the case. :wink: