M3U playlist empty

The easier solution is to just return it. I’m not jumping through these hoops every time I want to make a playlist. It defeats the purpose of buying a new mp3 player in 2017. Besides, the Sport Plus is just crap. It’s huge. The plastic is cheap. The card slot is gone. The UI is inconsistent. I’ve owned every generation until they started butchering the line, and they’ve gone downhill every generation leading up to this one. I don’t understand it. They haven’t really listened to what people wanted as the line evolved. And Chinese companies like Agptek and Shanling have created players that can possibly do it better. Well Shanling has, but you pay for it, which I did. Agptek is almost there.

Appreciate the help, but mine is going back to Best Buy when I leave the shore. Makes no sense to change the way they do things after so many years and frustrate many. Was on another forum with long time clip owners making the same complaints.

Just for reference…




The 6th and 7th gen ipod Nanos are nicer options if you can live in the Apple world. I had the Sport Plus next to my sister’s and was like, if I could Rockbox it, I’d take that over the Clip. Other companies get it. Sandisk does not.

wow…have to love posts getting deleted. I’m guessing if you don’t have a hard on for the Clip, your post get deleted by mods. how lovely.

While I appreciate the attempt to help, tedious is not what I want to deal with when creating a simple playlist and transferring it over to my player. This is 2017. I’m not in my way back machine doing this on my Rio Carbon.t Which by the way had less fuss getting playlists on it. And this is what, the 7th generation Clip? Why are we taking steps backward to do simple things that should be effortless.

Then again, why do we have a bloated Clip that lost a card slot and only gained bluetooth? Why has this device needlessly grown over the years? Why has the choice in plastic gone on the cheap so it looks more like a Hasbro toy than an mp3 player? Why has the UI not improved?  Yet the price tag has grown right along with the player’s size.

Despite the market for mp3 dwindling, there is still a market for these small players. You can go upscale with the Shanling M1 like I did. You can make a mostly lateral move to the Agptek:


And deal with the quirks until their firmware gets ironed out. I have more faith in them than I do in Sandisk putting out a product I’d want to use at this point.

And the Agptek is half the price and sized in line with the smaller previous gen Clips.

Sport Plus 2.60 x 1.74 x 0.68 in
Agptek       2.32 x 1.42 x 0.63 in

Ridiculous how bloated the Clip has become. Mine is going back to Best Buy on my way home from the shore since my Shanling is waiting for me at home. Picture the Creative M300 meets the 6th gen ipod nano.

I honestly don’t know why people keep buying these when they do zero to innovate or even evolve the line.

Hi, my SanDisk playlist is reading"empty". I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can someone guide me step by step how to convert and load songs on playlist. I’m using SD micro on a SanDisk

Take a look at this message on the SanDisk Forum. This batch file method is the simplest way I have found to create m3u Playlists for my Clip Sport.


I’m having a similar problem on my Sansa Clip Voice (a regional version of the Sport Plus). I have custom M3U playlists containing random songs from throughout my music tree, and certain seemingly arbitrary songs are missing from the playlist.

I could find nothing in common between these files myself, but somebody else on another forum solved the issue for me. They’re all songs that, somewhere in their tree, have a folder whose first few letters are identical to some other folder. For example, if I have two folders:

_Music\Soundtracks\Video Game Soundtracks\Final Fantasy VIII\OST-1_


_Music\Soundtracks\Video Game Soundtracks\Final Fantasy VII\Original Soundtrack_

then any MP3 files that are found in the first folder can’t be pointed to in a playlist. The reason is because the Sansa Clip looks under Video Game Soundtracks for the Final Fantasy VIII folder, finds the incredibly similar Final Fantasy VII folder, and decides to go down that path instead. It then, of course, can’t find the file it’s looking for.

The files are of course still accessible through all other means (Folder, Albums, Songs, etc.)

Please fix this in the next firmware update!

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The reason the playlists are empty is because the instructions in the owner’s manual for creating a  playlist are INCORRECT!

It only took me about 8 hours to figure this out.

The instructions tell you to place all the mp3’s you want in your playlist into a folder on your computer , then drag it into Windows Media Player.  This is WRONG!  If you do this, an M3U file will be created that tells your player to go find the mp3 file on your computer, not on the mp3 player.  So, since it can’t find it, it says the playlist is empty.

Here are the correct instructions:

  1. Put all of your songs on the mp3 player in the Music folder.  It doesn’t matter if they are in folders, subfolders or no folders.
  2. Drag each song you want in your playlist from the player onto Windows Media Player on your computer.
  3. Click “Save as…” and save the playlist to anywhere on your computer (let’s say Desktop).  Make sure you select file type “M3U”.
  4. Find the M3U file on your Desktop and drag it to the Playlist folder on the player.
  5. That’s it.  You’re done!

Wow - that actually worked… finally.

Thanks JSW1735

Thank you JSW1735 for your simple and accurate step by step instructions!!!  Your solution worked after much frustration with the instructions in the manual as well as other posts about using a batch file. In addition, it certainly didn’t make sense (as per the manual) to copy all the music into another folder to create the playlist (unnecessarily duplicating) as all the songs were already on the player.

SanDisk, please, please update the manual with accurate and clearer instructions to prevent such frustration for future users!

See my post on pg 2 for a SIMPLE SOLUTION for empty playlists.

JSW1735 you are a freaking genius!!  I’ve been trying for AGES to make a functioning playlist and what you said finally worked!!  You are awesome, thank you!  :slight_smile:

Even easier way to do it…

I can’t believe how simple the solution is to this. I was about to give up with all this formatting bs and creating playlists in other software programs. Ready? Here’s how you create a playlist from your Windows PC:

1 - Plug your Sandisk in to your PC

2 - Go to My Computer

3 - Open the Sandisk drive

4 - Click the Playlists folder

5- Create a folder and name it whatever you want your playlist to be

6- Drag and drop any MP3’s you want in to your playlist folder from the ones saved on your PC

7- Click safely remove hardware and eject media on your bottom PC toolbar and select the Sandisk to eject (It always takes 2 tries with my PC for some reason)

8- Open your Sandisk up and use the Folder option at the base menu (Sport/Settings/Music/Radio/Books/Folder/Bluetooth) *Do NOT use the Music option)

9 - Scroll down to the Playlists folder and voila! The playlist is there, with all the MP3’s in the exact order, and same title as on your PC.

That’s it! Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL

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Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

A few comments from my personal experience:

  1. You could have achieved the same results by starting with the Music folder on the Sandisk drive.

  2. Your description does not appear to involve the creation of a “m3u” playlist.


JSW1735 offers the correct and most elegant solution to creating a playlist on the sansa clip via WMP…  I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out-even chatting with tech support.  He is exactly correct about the instructions in the user manual and on line - they are WRONG.   They all refer to creating a file on THE COMPUTER (not the sansa) which includes the M3U file AND the actual MP3 files. 


 Because the instructions were wrong - I was attempting all of the methods (other than renaming files or using different media players) to make the playlists work.  All the time I couldn’t understand why I would have to save the mp3 files on the computer and then transfer them to the sansa.  My sansa has the songs already!!  

I followed JSW1735’s instructions and VOILA!!! Playlist created and visible and not empty on my sansa.  So - just to reiterate.

here’s what I did - all thanks to JSW1735.

1.  plugged in my Sansa  (don’t know whether its MTP or MSC or whatever)  My sansa has over a thousand songs in the music folder and no playlists.

2.  went to “my computer” (I have Windows 7) and opened up my sansa to view the files

3.  opened up my “Music” folder on the Sansa to see my songs.

4.  opened up Windows Media Player (I have version 12)

5.  made the WMP window smaller so it wouldn’t fill up the whole computer screen

6.  now I am looking at the window showing my “music” folder songs on the left that I opened with explorer and on the right I am looking at WMP in a window.

7.  I then dragged the songs from the “music” folder over to the right hand side of the WMP window under the tab “play”  -  NOT the “SYNC”  tab (there are 3 tabs over there on the right:  “Play”,  “Burn”, and “Sync”)… It’s important to note that you don’t have to use the sync at all to do this -  just the “play” tab.  Under the play tab it says “Drag Items here to create a Playlist”  So you Know you are dragging the songs from your music folder on the sansa to the correct place.

8.  Once I was done dragging all the songs i wanted in my playlist (FROM MY SANSA MUSIC FOLDER) over to the playlist area on the Play tab in WMP  -  I clicked on the drop down arrow of the little box on the upper right hand corner of the “Play” tab that has the green checkmark on it.  That drop down menu has a “save as” command in it.  I saved the playlist as an M3U FILE.  It is very important to save it as an M3U file I guess - so that the sansa can read it. Also you can sort the playlist as one of the commands on the dropdown list if you want. So - I saved it on my desktop as JSW1735 suggested.

9.  I closed my WMP window leaving open my sansa window.  

10.  I dragged the playlist from my desktop ( it was titled “Tester List.m3u” ) over to the “Playlists” folder on my sansa. I disconnected my sansa from the computer - - the sansa refreshed and lo and behold - in the playlist menu under “Music” right after the 3 go lists my TESTER LISt was there.  I clicked on it - and under it was the songs I had selected.  It did NOT add MP3 files to my sansa.  As JSW1735 said -  it now knew where to look for the song in the sansa MUSIC folder.

in summary:

1.  JSW1735 is in fact a genious.

2… The Sansa instructions are incorrect

3.  You do not have to add mp3 files to your sansa just to create a playlist

4.  You do not have to sync anything to WMP

5.  You do not have to use the folders function on the sansa.

again - thankyou JSW1735.  I was seriously considering trashing my sansa–






I tried the steps you listed.  Sadly, I get to the grren arrow drop down and my choices are cast to ( all the devices in my house that I can stream to ).  I am using Windows 10

EDIT :  SORRY I am an IDIOT. I was doing the drop down with a green PLAY button.  Had I carefully read the steps, it clearly says green CHECKMARK.  These steps worked perfectly

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When I try to import a m3u playlist into iTunes using File/Library/Import Playlist, the playlist is imported but his empty. It seems to be related to …  Aero Genbrain reviews

Hi there , I tried the steps listed ,


When I open the playlist on the Clip Jam the songs are not in the order I put them in when I made the playlist , they are jsut in some random order. It’s important for what I need the mp3 player for that the songs play in an exact order.

I ordered them on the WMP screen by dragging the songs from the play menu over to the main playlist building menu. But this order was lost when transferred over to the Sandisk as a M3u Playlist,

Any Ideas ?

PERFECT!! Thank you!!!

Now it’s working fine.