m3u /m3u8 playlist issue

I’ve been reading the forums and I’ve seen that many people have the same problem as I do, creating a playlist from files that are already on the fuze +. I’ve tried all the suggested solutions here on the board (I think) and haven’t been able to get a functioning playlist where files are spread out over several folders. Apparently the only solution is to duplicate the files I want in the list and put them in a separate folder and stick a m3u file in there with just the first line. To me that is ridiculous, that this kind of functionality is absent from the sansa players.

Has anyone found a solution that I missed? I’m on the verge of throwing this thing across the room and getting an ipod, or going back to reliance on my phone for portable music.

This thread may help a bit if you want to look at the technical of how I came up with it, but here’s the bottom line.

At the moment the M3U / M3U8 parser is broken in two ways. 

  1. It display’s m3u8 files a bit weird (basically someone thought that cutting off the last 4 char’s of the file name removes the extension and the dot, instead of removing the last . and everything after it) This is a relatively simple, if eye sore issue

  2. The bigger problem is that the parser doesn’t seem to understand directories at all. If your list points media files that are in the same folder as the playlist file then you are golden, outside of that, you are toast and are essentially forced to use the MTP method to acess and populate ‘playlist’ inside directly inside the devices databases.

Essentially, until this parser gets a rewrite your only way of dealing with this  (aka you want your SD card to be just as playable on somehting that is not your Fuze+) is to have a flat directory structure. I am strongly hoping that the next firmware addresses this issue.

try this