M260 displaying 'No Files'



I bought a reconditioned m260 a few months ago.

From the beginning I had niggling little problems, but these were small enough to ignore.


Now, however, the player has become useless.


A few weeks ago it started not being recognised by the computer when I plugged it in. Occasionally it IS recognised, but any music files I add do not function properly on the player.


Last night I tried again to try to add a new album. The computer on this occasion DID recognise the player, I transferred the album, but since I unplugged the player (after giving it time to rebuild the library), every time I switch it on it shows ‘No files’ on the display!


Have I lost all my files?

Does anyone know if there is there something I can download to remedy this problem or is time to get another player?

I’ve been looking for some kind of software update but haven’t found anyone who describes having exactly the same problem so don’t want to make the problem worse by downloading the wrong thing.


If at all helpful- the main problem I used to have was that certain albums would seem to ‘freeze’ the player. For example, if I selected ‘Amy Winehouse’ from the menu, it wouldn’t play, and whichever button I would press the only thing appearing on the display was ‘Amy Winehouse’. I’d have to turn it off and on again, then it would function as before.


I’d be grateful for all suggestions, but please bear in mind I’m not all that technically-minded!


Thanks in advance,