m260 - AWFUL sandisk

I have an m240 and m260. I only just found out about this forum.

The m260 would be great is Sandisk had bothered to fix the bugs for it. The only mp3 tags that appear to work are ID3v1, it is never capable of displaying albums and tracks in the right order.

And when you add more than 100 tracks, no matter how well tagged they are, one of them will always be listed in Unknown in the artist list.

How could sandisk get away with such an incomplete product? Why did they stop supporting it?

It’s one of very few mp3 players to take rechargeable AAA batteries, that’s why I like it.

But the firmware bugs (yes, the latest version) are so annoying. And I forgot to mention, the other bug in the m260 is that it likes to limit the volume back to 0 from time to time, for no reason. IF you turn up the volume again it’ll take it straight back down again. What a poor product. Can’t believe there aren’t more complaints, but it’s clear I’m not the only one having tagging issues or the ‘unknown’ bug. Decent products like IPOd just get the tagging right the first time.