m250 - last letter in song name disappears

I’m using m250 MP3 player for 3 or 4 month now, and I still have the same problem … when I put songs on MP3, most of the songs (and sometimes even artists) titles don’t have the last letter … So let’s say I add ‘Sylvain ft. Shark - Call me’ on player, I’ll see the title like this: ‘Call m’ … I know it’s no biggie but my brother has the same player, and it works just peachy … any ideas what’s going on :S

Hello weby, welcome to the SanDisk Sansa Community.

Are you and your brother using the same PC and songs when transferred? Does this happen to all of your songs or just a select few?

The player displays the file’s ID3 tags for the Artist, Title, and Album. As long as those ID3 tags are properly filled in, it should play back just fine.

You can edit the ID3 tags using Windows Media Player 10 or 11. Please click on the links below for information on how to check and edit the ID3 tags for your songs.

How to edit ID3Tags on WMP10                                               How to edit ID3Tags on WMP11

Additionally, you can also update the firmware, this can be done by downloading the firmware updater in the link below.

Sansa Firmware Updater

No, we don’t use the same computer but we do share few songs
I’ll try to edit ID3 tags (altho Winamp already shows them as fine, but you can’t get to sure, can you?) in WMP … and Firmware Updater sais I have latest Firmware :wink:

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Hm … that was weird … songs actually didn’t have the last letter when I viewed them in WMP … don’t know what’s wrong with Winamp :S

And thanks for the help (I myself would never think of trying that in WMP)

I have the M230 and can’t find anywhere that this happens except on the player. I have used multiple tag utilities and they all show that the tags are fine, but on the player, the tags are cut off.