m250 file format?

I sing in a barbershop quartet. We record our songs into MP3 format for personal listening/review. I download them to my m250 Sansa. What WinXP file naming procedure/format can I use so I can take advantage of the Sansa hierarchy… title, artist, etc. ? Thanks.



Chief -

As far as music goes, it’s ARTIST - ALBUM - SONG/TITLE. The Sansa players get this info from the ID3 tags embedded in the song. I don’t know about mp3’s you record yourself (I’ve never done it), but if whatever recording software you use embeds or creates an ID3 tag that you can fill in with the info, you should be alright. BTW, the Sansas look for ID3v2 tags (not to be confused with the v2 players you’ll see talked about on this forum).

Edit: There are also people to use their players for Audio books & spoken tracks (speeches, etc.) too, as opposed to music. A lot of them have problems (some players are more condusive to books than others) so there’s a lot of discussion here. Look around if this is more like what you’re doing.

Also, for the future, you may want to post your questions in the e200 board rather than the FAQ’s. It’s more topic-oriented and you’ll get more reponses as it gets more traffic. This board is primarily for the moderators to post info that is generally important to ALL users (i.e firmware update info, known bugs/issues, specs, etc.) so that there’s 1 place where you can go to find common answers, so they don’t get repeated all over the place.

Hope this helps . . .

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