M250 (2GB) delays on larger playlists

I create M3U playlists.  I’ve found that if the playlist contains 10 or more files, the wait time gets longer.   I am not prevented from playing the playlists but the wait-time is extraordinary to ridiculous depending on the number of tracks.  I also own the M240 (1 GB) player and experience none of the problems with it that I’ll define below.

Accessing  the playlist as usual (MENU > PLAY MUSIC > PLAYLIST > (Select Playlist) … here the unit pauses 10-30 seconds before bringing up the next screen, which displays the tracks in order of the playlist.  By default, the first track is highlighted and begins scrolling to reveal the full title.  I select the first track and the unit pauses 30 seconds to 4 minutes (depending on the playlist size) before playing the list.  Playlists with 10 tracks or less start within the first 30 seconds–no problem.  Playlists that are 11-20 tracks take up to a minute.  Playlists that are 21-40 tracks take very long.  And playlists that are over 40 tracks often lock up the unit until I remove and replace the battery.  In other words, I have no control–even pressing and holding the power button refuses to shut the unit down.

After removing and replacing the battery and turning the unit on, I get the “UPDATING and FINALIZING” screens and either am ready to play the lengthy playlist or must try again.  (It’s about a 50/50 shot as to whether the longer playlist loads during the wait-time. 

Again, I have none of these problems with the M240 player.  It plays all playlists (regardless of size) within 2 seconds of selecting them.

For clarification, my M250 unit is a refurbish.  It’s version 4.1.08A.  The USB is set to “MSC.”   The playlist is M3U format. 

Would you suggest a different playlist format?  Right now, to mitigate the problem, I keep my playlists short and if the album has 20 tracks, I split it into two playlists–not perfect but acceptable. 

I have a brand new (not refurb) m250, and my unit does the EXACT same thing.

Based on Sandisk’s support, and everything I have read on the net, I doubt we will see a resolution for this.

its very frustrating…