m240 transfering music

Problem; purchased a new computer would like to transfer my music from my m240 to my  computer, there is no music to be found on my m240.  There is only three files which are empty, though  I am able to play my songs-so I know there is something, but just cant find it.

three files!


Any help would be great, this is only problem I have had with my m240…

Message Edited by Abram777 on 08-03-2007 11:19 PM

assuming your using MSC, the reason why you can’t see it is that the ‘Music’ folder is hidden. you must first change your computers setting to view it

  1. go to tools
  2. click on folder options
  3. click on the view tab
  4. click on the ‘show hidden files and folders’
  5. click ‘apply’ then click ‘ok’ to close the window
    go back to ‘my computer’ and you should now see the ‘music’ folder.