M240 on A/C power

Is there a way to use th M240 on A/C? I need to leave the player on continuously, so I need to have a way to plug it in.

The Sansa Speaker dock sounds like what you are looking for.

Sansa Speaker Dock

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How would a speaker dock power the M240? Where does the power
go through? Are you mistaken?

he’s not mistaken. The speakerdock he is talking about was designed for the m200 and connects to both the 3.5mm jack and the usb port

But will the M240 charge through the USB port? If so will this Altec also work?                         Click Here It says it’s for the e200 and c200 series. How come the M200 series will charge with the speaker dock but will not do so though a PC?                                   thanks!

My apologies, i mis-read… it wont CHARGE the unit, it doesnt ahve a rechargable lithium battery. nor will it re-charge rechargable batteries. I had a misunderstanding

Will it power the unit? As an AC source?

good question. would have to try it to be honost. I would have to find one first :slight_smile:

ok, thanks

I read some reviews on Amazon. The Sansa Speaker Dock does power the
M200 series while it’s mounted in the Dock. It does not charge. It does
provide AC power.

Amazon Reviews-Click Here

cool, research takes you a long way ^_^. If only more people would do that, there wouldnt be the same questions over and over, its not too hard.