m240 Lockup while changing songs

I just got this nice m240 a couple days ago and it works okay, save for one item: Sometimes, when changing tracks using |<< and >>| , the player locks up and I have to remove and reinsert the battery.

I’m using WM and Winamp 5.51 on WinXP Pro SP2


delete and reload your songs, see if the result is the same. What is the firmware version settings>info and let us know what it is. If its the latest version and you still keep getting the same results, i’d say its worth a replacement if it constantly locks up on you.

1.) Deleted and reloaded songs (using both WM and Winamp): No effect. I also tried using solely .wma instead of .mp3 to see if that would help. Nothing…

2.) I’m using the (hopefully) latest firmware for the m240, version 4.1.08A. However, I got the player as a gift/promo/whatever from my local blood bank (as a thank you for letting them suck 1-1/8 gallons of blood out of me), so I’m not sure how or if I can get service or not…

I’d give SanDisk Customer Support a call…  When you got your player was it in retail packaging, as if it was purchased from a store?

Yes and no. It was in retail packaging, but when I got it, and opened up the box, it looked like someone had opened it with what appears to be an X-Acto® knife. (My guess, someone at the blood bank’s program might have done something with it, but it could be the US Postal Service as well (it came Priority Mail))

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shoot sandisk an email @ support@sandisk.com and see what they have to say.

Done… *waits*