M240 does remember/bookmark music or podcast

Hello All…  I have been told that the m240 does not remember where you are when you pause and power off the player in a song or podcast…  The issue is have have access to three of the m240’s…two WILL remember the place in a podcast/song one will not…can someone post the PROPER way of changing the usb mode, clearing all out, upgrading the firmware, then setting the unit so it will remember?

Changing USB mode is on the Settings Menu of the player.
Formating will erase everything on the player. Upgrading
the firmware is at link I have provided below. I don’t
know there is any way to set player the to remember where
it left off. It should just do it. My m250 does remember
where it left off whether it’s on Play or Pause.

Study the User Guide, Firmware info  and How To Videos below.
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