M240 Copy Problem

    When I first got my player it worked just fine.  I loved the drag and drop feature and had no problem draging files from a cd of mp3s someone had given me.  I could also drag them from other locations on my computer with no problem.  I was using the autodetect ubs settting and had no problems.  Then I used Windows Media Player 11 to download some cds to my computer and sync them to my player.  It worked just great but now it seems to be the only way I can get stuff on to my player.  If I have the player in autodetect mode it comes up in My Computer but will not show me all my music files.  It also will not let me drag and drop files.  It only lets me use WMP 11 to put files on my player.  If I put it in Msc mode it will let me access the files in My Computer but it will not let me drag and drop into the window.  I keep getting the error message “Cannot copy “filename” The directory or file cannot be created”.  I have tried to disassociate it from WMP 11 but can not even highlight the command to do so.  I like the drag and drop feature and would like to be able to use it again even if I can accomplish the same thing using WMP 11.  In some cases it’s just easier to just drag and drop then to go thru the player.  Any Ideas?

Ok.  After a bit more research it would seem my problem is not related to WMP 11 but is a file allocation table problem. 
The m240 is indeed formatted in FAT and not FAT32 and when I created folder on the drive I could drag and drop to it instead of the root directory.  It just happened that I passed the number of files it would hold in the root when I was farting around with WMP 11.  Having said that I see several references to reformatting the m240 to FAT 32 in this forum.  I looked at the video that is referenced and it does indeed tell me how to format the drive but not how to reformat it to FAT32.  Will this just happen automatically when I format it?  I’m just a bit leary of wiping all the information off the disk and starting over without just a bit more information.  What will happen when I format the player.  What about the files that make it work.  Probably stupid questions but I’m kinda clueless in this area. 

it only deletes your music. All the system files will be rebuilt the next time the player starts up.

All that you have to do is select fat32 when you format it, or make a music folder in the root directory and drop your music in there. You can probably organize your music in such a way to avoid hitting that limit, your call. Delete and reload the music, or re-organize it on the player itself.

Just for information in case someone reading this thread wonders I reformatted the M240 to FAT32 and it worked like a charm.   I was a little  worried because  I had never  reformatted anything  like that  but the display window  that  came  up  when  I  hit  the  format  button  was  very  clear  and  easy  to  understand.   There were only two choices FAT or FAT32 and FAT32 was the one that showed up first by default.  So if you are hesitant to do this operation don’t worry it’s pretty easy.

I think this may also solve my problems.  I have just purchased the m240, it is my first music palyer of any type, so bear with me if my questions seem a bit stupid.

When I downloaded my playlist from WMP I got a block size error.  Only some of the songs will play, although they appear to be on the player.  Should I reformat the player to FAT32.  If so, can someone be kind enough list the steps from the start, eg - plus in m240 etc

Thanks in anticipation.

If you look in the first reply above there is a link to some videos and one of them is a video on how to format your m240.  It doesn’t tell you what happens after you click to format but all that happens is that a window comes up and just make sure it says FAT32 as the choice to format and click start or ok or whatever it says to start the format.