M240 132 file limit??

Why does my M240 limit the number of files in the base directory to 132??

I can put more on, but I have to have them in folders in the base directory.  Anyone know why they do this?

Any computing device, including an MP3 player, has an internal operating system. And every operating system has a file-system that it uses…like DOS, Windows, Linux, etc…all have file-systems…such as FAT (File Allocation Table), FAT32, NTFS, etc.

Back in the DOS and earlier Windows days, there was a limit of, if I remember right, 256 files, that could be on the root of any hard drive. Eventually Microsoft managed to extend that limitation so we don’t have to worry about it anymore. But back then, putting more files than that on the root of a drive caused addressing problems…Windows couldn’t read more names than it had address-space for.

Back then it was about how expensive memory (RAM) was (and hard drives), and how big of an address-space they needed to be able to access…when people could only afford 4 or 8 meg of RAM, and had hard drives that were only 10 or 20 gig, there was no point in developing a file-system that could address 100 Gigabytes or more…i.e. an 8 bit file-system gives you so many address-spaces you could address, then we moved up to 16 bits, then 32, and now 64, etc., all with bigger and bigger System-RAM and hard drives available as technology made prices come down.

I expect MP3 manufactures have to choose similar design limitations when the whole thing is hardwired in chips that have to fit into tiny MP3 players…they can only do so much with the built-in memory and processor in these things, so limiting or capping the addressing of their file-system is a typical engineering design trade-off necessity.