M230 Won't show all folders

I have 39 songs on my sansa, but only the folder with songs from my computer will show. How can I fix this?

When I used the Library computer, it shows them.

I’m having a similar problem with my m250.  I used the drag and drop method of putting music on my MP.  However, after unplugging it from the computer, the songs appear on the MP3 player, but no longer in Windows Explorer.  Thus, I can’t delete the songs because I can’t see them on my computer. 

My firmware is v4.1.08

Any help is appreciated, please. 

it has to do with the modes on your player. You guys can go to settings>usb mode and select Auto Detect or MSC. If you load songs onto one of those modes, it will only be visible on the computer while it is in that mode.

So if I load 2 songs on MSC and change it to Auto Detect, I won’t see those 2 songs anymore.

Switch modes on your device and check again. If it doesn’t work, its because of driver issues… but first try the modes thing.

Hi Enigma,

I did precisely that (change the USB Mode to AutoDetect, and now I can view my music again.