m230: What is the difference between "Favorites" & "Playlist"

Hi!  I’ve got an old hand-me-down Sandisk m230 MP3 Player.

On the “Play Music” menu it has both a “Favorites” item and “Playlist” item.

In the user manual which I found online, the instructions make no distinction between these two items.  For example, on page 13 it says:  “You can select up to 30 songs to be your “Favorites” play list.”    Thereafter follow instructions for adding songs to “Favorites.” 

But what about “Playlist”?  How do I add songs to the “Playlist”?

Will in Seattle

a.k.a. “Clueless”

I’m guessing the ‘Favorites’ is like the GoList on the newer models. Essentially it is a playlist that you create on the player itself.

‘Playlists’ refers to playlists you create on the computer (where you’re not limited to 30 songs) and then transfer to the player.

Thanks Tapeworm!

That “Playlist” option appeals to me, but the manual doesn’t seem to offer any instructions for how to load a Playlist from a computer  onto the m230.

Do you know where I could find those instructions?

Will In Seattle

a.k.a. “Clueless”

There are numerous ways of making playlists, depending on how you use your player and what you find best for you.

I invite you to avail yourself of the Search function here and “Read all about it” as the old paperboys used to cry. There are also a number of ‘playlist creation and management’ programs that people have written and posted links to here. Not sure they will work on your trusty ol’ m230, but it won’t hurt to try them out. :smiley: