m230 problem - Player always powers up to the first song

Each time I power it up the player starts at the first alphebetical song name. At one time it started where I left off in the alphabet. I can’t get the settings on the menu to keep the repeat prompt in the OFF mode, (if that is the menu item to address). The version of the firmware is -3.2.8A.

I would like the MP3 to pick up on the last song where I left the last time I powered down.

Any ideas???

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you could try to re-hook the mp3 player back onto the computer and open the files than unplug the mp3 player and it should be okay, I dropped my every time I listen to music and that’s what I did to work it out, so try it. if it doesn’t work, well, just keep dropping your mp3 player. J/K

I had the same problem. Here is the way I’ve fixed it:

  1. Backup your files, than disconnect the device. 

  2. Remove the battary.

  3. Lock keys.

  4. Connect device to PC, open " My Computer" right-click on your Sansa (removable disc) and select " Format" option.

  5. Uncheck " Quick format" option and press " Start"

  6. When done, reconnect device, restore your files.

  7. Disconnect your device, insert battary, turn it on.

  8. Check if the device saves custom settings after powering down.

Good luck =)