M230 plays only select songs after upgrading to Vista

I updated to Vista and since then, when I add songs the m230 only plays certain songs. Anything new shows up, but the player indicates a pause sign. No music sounds from the earphones. When I push play, the player moves to another song which plays (indicator goes from pause to play) but the list that will play is limited. I’m guessing this has to do with licensing but when I check that, the files are

a. Not hidden

b. Have full sync access with no restrictions.

I’ve reformatted in XP. (Wouldn’t work in Vista)

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I drag and drop or used Media player. Please advise…



You’re right about the licenses. Where did you get the music from? Personal CD’s?

Ironically, the personal CD’s is what will play. I purchased and downloaded songs from URGE and those are the ones that will NOT play

Burn them to a CD, and rip it again to strip the license. You can do this via WMP. Or call urge to try and renew it for you.(if at all possible)