m230 hangs after a few songs

My just received refurbed m230 plays FM radio just fine for long amounts of time so far.  But when I play mp3 files, rips from my own cds, the player will hang after a certain amount of time.  The song or time is not fixed as the first time it made it past 1 song then hung and the second time it was after 4 songs.  I end up needing to pull the battery because no buttons will respond at all.

My firmware is the latest for this version (verified by the SanDisk auto-updater and by visual investigation).  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Message Edited by anakha on 09-29-2007 03:35 PM

Is the Unit freezing up? Have you reviewed the User Guide and Videos?
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Does the refurbished unit come with the 1 year warranty?

You can email     support@sandisk.com