m230 frozen at Initializing screen

hey guys

I just got a m230 512Mb from my wife as a little gift, and after putting a few songs on it and tested it out, It worked great, good sound and FM from a little device. I then wanted to put a good mix of songs on it for working out and to fill up it’s space. after placing all of the songs on it I wanted I unpluged it from the computer, and let it update it’s library as I slept. When I get up I go to it and turn it on to see it will not get past the initializing screen. There are no fermware numbers just the Sandisk logo and initializing below. I plug it into my computer but it is not seen in mycomputer or if I go through any other programs or means. I have tried the fermware updater and it does not see or respond to it eather. I am wondering if there is a manual reset to the device or if there is a software “backdoor”. I like the little thing but I only heard it play music once and now it’s froze up.

Please help

my brothers player did this. Had to get it replaced. Try the store if your still within the warranty period.