m230 doesn't play all songs from a ripped CD

I ripped a couple of my CDs, some I bought ages ago, some I bought recently so I can listen to the music while I jog. Interestingly… some of the songs play and others don’t. For example, song 1 from a CD plays but the very next song doesn’t. It’s from the same CD, the CD that I paid $$ for so I have the “rights” to play the song. So I’m wondering if there is something I’m missing.


what happens when the song tries to play? Does it stay on pause, skip over without anything… any infor you can provide would be helpful

It skips over the song. If I press the track advance (or reverse button) to try to play that specific track, it flashes the name of the song and then immediately goes to the next track.


I should add… All songs are mp3. I used ExpressRip to rip them. They all play fine on the computer.

what if you try to add the song again, does it play?

Readding does not work.

Re-ripping as an mp3 does not work.

I then took the mp3 and converted it to wma. I then went to play it looking for it under the artist. It couldn’t find it. eh? So I went under “songs” and found it. Interestingly… the artist information is “unknown” but more importantly, it plays.

Tomorrow, I’ll try ripping directly from the CD as wma and see if that works. Maybe the conversion from mp3 to wma stripped out some information. I don’t know. But the confusing part is same CD, same artist, some of the songs don’t work. Odd.

Let me know if there is anything else you want me to try in your effort to debug this.