m200 - Finalzing Update - Problem can be fixed!!! READ EVERYONE!

Well, I had problem after firmware update, my player booted and said Finalizing Update, and after that nothing… I tried everything… No success. 

But, now i fixed my problem, and registered here to tell everyone, maybe an extreme solution, but solution.  

  1. Take off battery. 

  2. Disassembly your player. (easy to do)

  3.  Take off motherboard. 

  4. Put battery back (be very carefull, you can kill you player…well anyway its dead, lol ) 

  5. Push Menu, and you will see Sandisk logo, wich tells you, that your booting.

  6. Before you see “Finalizin update” text, pull out memory chip. You have to be fast!! Memory chip is little bit had to pull out, but it is possible without any tools.

  7. You will see that player is booted up without memory and is sayind that “There is not enough space for Database, pleas free up 8Mb”.

  8. Now connect USB cable. And windows will recognize player (I used MTP mode)

  9. Put memory chip back (be carefull not to take off battery and USB cable)

  10. Format your memory.

  11. Reboot.

Piece of cacke!

Everything working again. :wink:

Hope I helped.


 Picture where is memory chip you can find on this forum.

I just pulled out my m200 – my “backup” to my Clip+.  I have a vagure recollection that I started having problems with a “firmware update”, but frankly don’t remember.

The issue is that I have content taking up space on the player, but it will not appear on my PC when connected it. I cannot edit content from my PC… but have limited space.

Any ideas if this is the firmware problem, and is your method a fail safe solution?


Maybe you should check out This Post. It basically tells you the most likely cause.