Lyrics support

You know what would make the e200 truly awesome? If it was able to display lyrics like the Ipod Nano 2nd generation and I think 3rd generation as well. Like the nano, the mechanical wheel could be used to scroll down the page of lyrics. I’m not sure how the lyrics would be attached to the mp3; I think in the Ipod there’s an option to add lyrics to each mp3’s IDtag.

That’s the only thing I miss about my old Ipod clone “mp4 player”, although it had a battery life of about 35 minutes. On that one, you could use a lyrics editor to make each line of words display right as it was being sung, in the style of karaoke. It was very useful because I have a lot of Chinese songs, and as a non-Chinese speaker, I could follow along in romanized Mandarin, or “pinyin”.

Anyways, just a thought…would be a neat add-on to the current firmware if at all possible :slight_smile:

hmm…yeah that would be cool…specially for all of those heavy metal songs where you have no idea what there saying.  or screaming i guess