Hi Folks,

Im a senior who appears to have broken my toy early.

I seem to have wiped off my FM facility on my player.

Can you advise how I re load please.

Gratefully yours,


The good news? I really can’t see how that’s possible, so it’s very likely someone here can help you to get your FM ‘freq’ on.

The bad news? You didn’t give us any details, such as the model player you have, is it new or have you had it a while, firmware version, when and how you noticed the absence of the FM radio, stuff like that. It makes it pretty hard to help without knowing at least some of these intimate little facts. :wink:

Use the “reset to factory settings” option, then select a new region.  You may have selected a region without the FM radio enabled.  You didn’t tell us which model Sansa you have. 

Here’s a trick to find out:  let’s see what your installed firmware version is.  On the player, go to Settings > (System Settings) > Info and read the top line of the display.  This is the active firmware installation display.

Give us a little more information, and we can get your FM up and running!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: