LPinstaller format problem

Hello. I have a cruzer u3 8GB. I want to use my flash drive by customizing it. I can change the CD Drive part and use another iso file for that part. But is there a way to use it for the files more than 4GB (such as opensuse linux iso files) I need this, because I want to install it to my notebook, unfortunately it hasn’t got a dvd drive. Only way is my u3 cruzer. Lpinstaller formats the drive as fat32. can I find a version of this file which formats my drive as ntfs?

Not sure why you want/need to mess with the CD part, but I think Windows’ Format should be able to change the standard writable portion to NTFS.

BTW I have two U3 drive, one formatted to NTFS, both of which I boot, and neither have had their CD partition changed.