lower volume more? MSC mode

so i just got a clip and i have to say it is awesome and costs so little! it will be a hit.  readable screen in sunlight is a major plus, and it is so tiny and the sound is notably better than competitors without an amp.

i love how it does not hiss with my shure e4c’s, i have to try them with my SE530’s when i get them back.  the only problem is on the lowest volume, they are kindof loud for when i’m alone with these sensitive IEMs.  Is there a way to lower the volume even more or add a firmware with lower volume?  I used custom eq and adjusted one bar which makes it all lower, and also have normalized my songs to 89db with mp3gain.  but it is still a little loud, and i am sure it will be worse with my shure SE530’s that have a sensitivity of 119db/mw

the othe rmore pertinant bug is that when entering the player in MSC mode with hold + center button, it doesn’t show the current music on the drive.  my music folder is empty, i can only see say recorded files, the drive says there is the correct amount used, but the files arn’t visible.  The main reason i want this is so i can run mp3gain and my file tagger program on it.

other wishes:
-better battery life(even with the lowest power/screen / volume settings, after a couple hours it says 60% on my computer)
-voice recording in mp3 to not take up so much space
-fast forwarding by %, like an ipod or meizu m6 where you get a dot in the bar and fast forward a % of the song, no matter if the song is an hour long or 5 mins.
-back button for the menus, say if i just want to change  the album for the artist i’m playing.
-parametric EQ.  ok might be asking too much… maybe 7 band?
-file browsing for those songs that arn’t tagged quite right yet
-cover for usb slot

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this looks like a better post for the “product feature section”

as for you issue of not being able to find the files when you connect in MSC mode. try connecting in MTP mode and see if the files show up then. If i copy files to the player in one mode they do not show up when you connect in the other mode.

thank you for pointing me towards the product feature section.

as for the not showing up, technically MSC mode should display all the files on the disk, but it does not.  it shows it as being used, just the files are hidden.  i don’t know why they did this, regardless of whether or not they change the directory structure. i don’t want to have to manually go into MSC mode every time, because in MTP mode i can’t run mp3gain on the files.

the reason i want this is because the volume is too loud, when i copy it to my player, i want to use mp3gain to adjust the volume of the tracks after i put them on my player and not permanently on my computer.

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I also have a couple of volume issues. One is that it’s too loud–I can’t get it quiet enough without going to zero volume. There is a setting for “Volume Normal” and “Volume High”. I believe this should change the volume range, but it appears to do nothing.

Anyone else try this yet?

volume normal vs high is simply a volume limiter.

sandisk needs to address this issue by putting more steps in the volume control.  there are plenty of people with this problem so hopefully sandisk will notice it.  a very temporary solution is using mp3gain or a gain program for the mp3’s, but even this is annoying as MTP mode doesn’t let you do that, and MTP files dont show up in MSC which is confusing, and msc mode requires holding a button and takes a lot longer to refresh the database.

Yeah, that minimum volume issue is an annoying problem.  The Clip would be a great player to use while drifting off to sleep (sleep timer and all) IF it wasn’t so loud!

i’m assuming they’ll create a fix to allow lower volumes.  in the mean time it works just fine for me to go to a custom equalizer and turn everything down to the lowest settings.

hey good tip with the EQ to reduce volume :wink: thanks

I’m also experiencing this issue. I’d like to turn the volume down just a bit more… not ALL the way down! While it’s not deafening, when the room is quiet, it’s just a little too loud. I adjusted the equilizer as suggested in this thread, which helped, but I hope Sandisk resolves this problem. Luckily, it’s not a major issue(IMO), & certainly not one to make me send it back! I’ve only had it since yesterday, but I’m beginning to like it already :slight_smile:

Yeah, but unfortunately, the EQ doesn’t apply to radio, and radio sound volume is really unbearable at minimum value in a quiet place (night, bed).

Will be fixed in the next release

great… so far, confirmed fixes :: lower volume and tags