Low volume with Sansa e250

Besides the finicky wheel knob on the front of my 250 which is hard to set the volume with, I now cannot get much sound volume. Help would be appreciated.

Thanks,   Bill

Which headphones or earphones are you using? Did you try using other headphones or earphones? 

Did this happen all of a sudden? Is the volume set to high in the system settings? Did you check the equilizer settings? I guess you could try manually reinstalling the firmware. Sometimes the firmware in the player becomes corrupted.

The contacts under the wheel might be gunked up after all this time and need cleaning with rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip after taking the the front plate off.

Interesting responses guys. Thank you. I will try them out.


Well,  found the problem with the volume. I cleaned the contacts under the volume wheel, and no different. So, I borrowed my wifes headsets and “viola” it was like a brand new machine. Bought a new headset and am a happy camper again. Thanks for the good responses.


I’m glad to hear the problem is solved. I’m surprised you didn’t try using a different headphone first, as that is the easiest thing to try. 

My belief in my Sony Headsets stood in the way of my thinking they were at fault. I now know better.