Low Cars

does anyone own a car here that the bottom of the car is touching the ground? does it make driving alot difficult? Just wanted to know. (Argue free thread).

Cars may be built (or modified) to be very close to the ground, but if it’s actually touching the ground, it would make driving virtually impossible. The engine would have to work very hard to overcome the friction of the underbody against the ground.

Jacked up & low down!

I went to High School with a guy who worked at a shop that did the kind of customization work you are talkin about. He had a Chevy Suburban that he “Tricked out” so when he parked it and turned it off the truck would lower itself down so that the bottom of the truck was less than 4 inches from the ground, and then when he got in it and turned the truck on the thing would raise up to normal hight. 

In the Hotrod world, the term used for a lowered a vehicle is “slammed”. The “Lowriders Club” out in LA is probably the most popular form of lowered cars in the world. They use lowering kits as CB has mentioned utilizing hydraulics to lower or raise them. NHRA drag cars have a minimum clearance to ground rule of 3 inches, which is very low. These cars are raced on nearly billiard table smooth tracks.

None of these vehicles are driven with any underchassis hitting the ground, as the car would be bouncing around uncontrolable.

A car dragging the ground would make for one heck of a sparkler show at night though!!!

I am a car freak but 1 question ive always wanted to ask is that why wont the car companies make a car in the shape of a water droplet and make it a hybrid? like when a drop of water falls from he sky, isnt the air hittitng it erode the water’s drag away?