Low battery??? Can't charge help!

My battery was running low on my Fuze, so I plugged it into my computer to charge it and left it alone for an hour, and by then nothing had charged and the battery was still dying. I went back to plug it in and it just says “Battery too low. System shutdown” whenever I plug it in or turn it on. I’ve tried holding the on slide up for 15-20 seconds like I read as suggestions but that hasn’t helped. Help? Any other ideas on what’s wrong and how to fix it?


Are you using the back USB ports (on a desktop)? They provide more power.

Or if using a laptop, make sure it’s umbilical cord is plugged in too. :wink:

Is your cable faulty? or have you tried other usb ports on your computer? you might have a bad usb port on your computer.

DO you need a driver installed for the fuze to reconize it? I know with  my old moto phone you needed to install a driver before it would charge on a usb port?

does the computer reconize the player?