Love this device....but how does it handle podcasts?

Is there a way it will download a daily podcast that I always wanted updated?

Does the software sync it? 

You need software on your computer to download the podcast and to synch it with the player.  I use Media Monkey for that purpose.  It will, for example, do things like keep the 5 most recent podcasts on your player.  The player is a passive participant in the synchronization process–the software on your computer has to do the work, for podcasts or anything else.

Personally, I prefer Amarok for podcasts (or any other audio file), but the problem with it is if you’re using Windoze or Mac - the Windoze port is still (I believe) in Alpha testing, and I don’t think there’s a Mac port for it.

Media Monkey has a built in podcast aggregator.  I like Juice, as it integrates perfectly with my library, and I can then sync automatically with Windows Media Player.

Juice has a cleanup function that can keep only the latest podcasts ready for my Sansa, so I need not worry about deleting the old ones.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I just recently swithced to Media Monkey… I like the agrigator… It struggles with some of my podcasts (They are long in length but infrequent) trying to download one of them twice but it was easy to stop. I like the way my fuze handles the podcasts… Just remember to adjust your sleep timer so it doesnt stop in the middle of the podcast, The fuze will resume playback for the podcast but I hate having to restart the power cycle.

I like my podcasts on Fuze.  I love that the new firmware puts them in order! 

Windows Media Player is another option.  If you choose Windows Media Player, you will need to save each podcast individually and then go to Explore or My Computer, right click on each one and “add to sync”.  Then you click on the Sync button.  It will not find the updates for you, like the other options suggested above.  But it does work and is doable.