lost system files (MTABLE.SYS, AUDIBLE, ...) [partition?]

Hi all,

I have lost the system files and directories on my SanDisk m240, firmware 4.1.08E.

When I format in MSC mode in Win XP (following the how-to video), my player

remains blank. I can make recordings and play these, but they will not be visible

from the computer. Audio files (mp3) that I copy to the player will not show up

in the player (I get “No Files” in the Play Music menu). This state persists when

I reset to factory setting in the player menu, and when I reformat (again) and

power the player off and on.

I suspect that I caused this by erasing the partion table on the player: I wasn’t

aware that there could be more then one partition, hence one time when I

formatted I deleted all partitions and created a new partition, then formatted

to FAT32. Is there a “hidden partition” on m240? If so, is there a way to restore


cheers, eddie

Hi all,

I managed to get my hands on another m240 (my previous player, disfunctional

because the power/menu button is worn out) and made a bitwise copy of

the m240’s flash memory. (Using ‘dd’ in Linux, but I don’t think this matters).

And… so far this has worked for me: the player starts up correctly and lists

and plays my audio files. :·)

Thanks to the 30+ people who read my post (and wondered how they could

help me, I assume)!

cheers, eddie