Lost info #2: doubled icons and lost info HELP ME!!!

My mp3 player when plugged into my computer would show the menu of items on like service, record, music, etc.  Just last week it started ‘doubling’ those items side by side like this: service  service, record  record…etc (when I opened record, it had voice in there twice)

When I clicked on one of the ‘doubled’ items there was nothing in it. I clicked on the other one and saw all my recordings. I then cut and copied the voice recordings to my computer. I then deleted every ‘doubled’ item off the mp3…leaving one of each like it originally was in the fist place. now it won’t show my voice recordings when I plug it into my computer (even though it is on the mp3 player) I don’t even see all of the items that were originally on the mp3 player when I first got it. It is missing a lot of items like record, voice and can’t remember any others.

What’s the problem and how can I restore the mp3 player back to it’s original function?

I am so not techy…I really need help!

  1. ALSO, just after posting this I decided to do what another posting said and that was to change my player from MTP to MSC, which then downloaded software to my computer. I was able to see my voice recordings and extract them from the list. However, I do not see my music at all. Only voice. I went to playlists and it was empty (but I can see and listen to my music when the unit is not plugged into my computer) All the other icon folders are empty except the voice folder (before I emptied it).

Not sure if this fixes my voice recording problems… It seems to be working as it did before just in a different program mode. I want to be able to see the music I have on the mp3 player on my computer so I can re-arrange them and add to it, but the music file is empty even though I know it’s not!

2)Still need someone’s help. Also, I paid for extra insurance… will the insurance covor and fix my problem for me?

  1. if i reset my mp3 player to default, will this fix the problem?

Slow down, take a deep breath.

Your Fuze itself, when disconnected, sees every file in the Fuze. But what your computer sees depends on how the file got onto the Fuze: the USB mode, MSC or MTP.  It can only see one mode at a time. In MSC, it can’t see files that went over by MTP–like your music files.

You must have sent your music over by MTP–did you use WIndows Media Player?–so to see your music, you have to switch back to MTP. Apparently the Fuze sees its voice recordings as MSC, so you’ll just have to switch back for those.

Auto Detect is supposed to go to MTP mode when it detects that your computer has Windows Media Player 10 or above, and to MSC mode if it doesn’t (or if it’s an Apple or Linux computer). But it doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to do, so even though Auto Detect  is the default, you should take control and use Settings/System Settings/USB Mode to change the mode to MSC or MTP.

So use MTP for your music, assuming you’re happy with Windows Media Player, and just switch to MSC when you want to upload  voice recordings.I know it’s annoying, but there’s not really any way around it.

You could, if you want, use MSC for everything. That would mean you drag-and-drop your music onto the unit with Windows. But if you want to do playlists with Windows Media Player, you are better off staying in MTP.

The idea behind all this was to have the Fuze work with Windows Media Player the way iPods work with iTunes. For many people, it does. But for people who hate Windows Media Player–I’m one of them–MSC lets us just drag and drop as if the Fuze is a simple thumb drive/flash drive. It offers more flexibility, but it does lead to more confusion.

By the way, MSC doesn’t usually download software. MSC uses the generic USB driver, already in Windows–Windows just has to recognize the Fuze. If that driver was damaged, Windows may have downloaded a fix.