Lost Disk Space

    I have an m240. I was slowly losing disk space so I deleted all the mp3’s from the device. I was connected via “Auto Detect”. When I try to add an mp3 it says there’s no room even though the device is empty. I also tried viewing the unit in MSC mode. It shows no mp3’s from windows (or a command prompt). When I go to information on the Sansa, it show 956 mb in use.

How do I get my disk space back?


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Welcome to the forum Zisk!! :smileyvery-happy:

format the player. Just open up “my computer” and right-click the device. From here we should see a format option. It will delete everything off the player. From here we just disconnect it and let it rebuild its library and needed system files.

Best of luck, lemme know how it turns out.

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I was afraid it would delete system files from the device but it looks like everything was rebuilt properly and my disk space is back.

Thanks for the quick reply and resolution…

No problem, hope to see ya around the forum helping other people!