Lost Cyrillic TAG support after firmware update

I got Sansa Express few month ago in the local BestBuy and  I have a lot of music files with tag information in Cyrillic (in my case in Russian). Player was displaying russian artist/album/song name OK out of the box (with fw 1.01.01) and that was the main reason I got the player in the first place.

However, I had a problem described in this forum with Kingston 2GB card and decided to upgrade FW to a latest one (1.01.05A). After the upgrade I lost Cyrillic font support. Player displays some weird characters instead. I tried to install 1.01.05P, but it didn’t solve the problem.

How do I fix this issue or rollback to an original firmware???

Message Edited by eugef on 01-31-2008 06:03 AM