loss of volume

 I have a c250 and it works really well(WMP10) but as I use the Custom setting on the players EQ, during the first song or two the volume ( and high end ) gradually? decreases, almost as if the setting changes itself.  Going back into the EQ and moving just one of the slides either up or down and back to its set position corrects the problem temporarily but the process continues gradually.  I m tired of going back in every few songs!  Any Takers?  HELP!  My version is1.00.04A                               

                                                            Thanks everyone!

You are running an older version of the firmware.  Switch to MSC mode “Settings, USB, MSC” hit large center button to save).  Connect to PC, let the Sansa Updater update your firmware to 01.01.00P.  See if that helps first.