Loss of File Specs upon Decryption

After extracting/decrypting my files from my V2 vault back to my hard drive (Windows 7), I noticed that their property information changed. The decrypted files are treated as new files overwriting their “created” and “modified” information under “properties.” This is a big problem for me. I need to know when the files were *actually* created, else this product has not been much use for me. Many of these files were audio journal entries, which are a mess without the dates. Please, how can I retain the original creation time and date for my files? Otherwise I am in for a very lengthy time manually transferring that.

Please, how can I retain the original creation time and date for my files?

I can offer two possibilities:

1. Save your files on the drive outside of the SecureAccess vault.

  1. If you must use the vault save your files with the date & time embedded in the file’s name.  For example: filenm-1-1-16-1733.vol. or filenm0101161733.vol or 0101161733filenm.vol.  The last convention should give you a directory sorted in date/time sequence.


Thank you very much for your response. I think I wasn’t clear though. I mean that the files in my vault still have the original creation info, which I can see, but I was hoping for a way to get these files out without them being considered “newly created” upon decryption. I no longer have the files saved anywhere else. IOW it’s too late to save outside the vault for these. In the future I will save outside the vault absolutely. Just hoping there is a solution for the ones already in there, and it’s not too late for them.

hmmmmmm  Well, it’s possible  to change the date/time of the pc to the date/time of a file then take the file out of the vault.  The file will be saved with the pc’s date/time.  Repeat the process for each file you wish to remove.  When done set the pc’s clock to the current date/time.


I hadn’t thought of that. It’s looking like what I expected: this will be a very laborious process no matter what but worth it. There just won’t be an easy solution here. I like this suggestion better than renaming the files. I’ll do it bit by bit. This does help. I appreciate it.