Lose Bookmark after Auto Power-Off

I recently bought a Sansa Clip 4GB because I read it has good bookmarking features; however, I’m having a little trouble with it.

I listen to really long mp3 files (6-hour radio shows) that I record from my computer, so the bookmarking feature is a must.  However, I find that if Auto-Power is on (i.e.  Setting -> Power -> Auto Power -> On -> 10 mins), the bookmark is lost after the device auto powers-off, and the player will play the mp3 file from the beginning when I turn on the player again.  Has anyone else seen this issue?

The mp3 files are placed in the “AUDIOBOOK” folder (so the bookmarks should be set automatically), and I have the latest firmwire (V02.01.32A) installed.



Yes James it only have a resume function in this device if you want to go back to the portion where you left off, I suggest pause the audiobook first and turn off the device because it it shut off automatically it will really go back from the start, if you can try you can also reload the fimrware. :wink:


You shouldn’t lose your bookmark after auto power off.  I have a first generation 2GB with V 01.01.32A and have not had the problem with audibooks or podcasts (I never manually shut mine down).  My first thought would be to make the genre “Podcast” or “Audiobook” and see if that fixes your problem.  It is also possible that the MP3 file is corrupt making the timestamp useless.

I tried making the mp3 genre “Audiobook”, and the bookmark seems to work now after auto power off.  Thanks!