Loosing option settings after charging... and many other bugs

No wonder Apple’s stock hit the $200 mark!

Anyway, back to the Sansa. It seems all settings are lost after charging the device by plugging it in a USB port. It happens every time. Is there a way to cure this?

Also is there a way to go next only through the list of radio pressets?

Also the firmware updater doesn’t let you know when the firmware is written to the device. Two dialog boxes appear, one has no text in it!

I’m going to make some sort of guess, but I am by no means an expert.  How is your charge going on the USB?  Are you getting a full charge?  One place you can check this is under “My Computer”.  Right click on the Sansa device and look at how much the battery is getting charged.  It will say a certain percentag up to 100% charged.  This could depend upon your USB port and other issues with your computer as to how well your device is charging through the port.

Which settings are you referring to?  On the device itself there is a Settings menu.  If there is any question about the firmware that has been installed on it, there will be a number for the firmware right on the device under that menu.  You can also check this as I wrote above.  The firmware version is listed there too.

I’m not clear on  your FM preset question.  Are you trying to go from one station to the next?

On the FM radio, select the Menu (“down” on the pad) and go to View All Presets for the list of saved stations.

If you are in the FM and want to get out…press the menu button to escape and then use the left, right, down or up arrow to navigate…if you in the FM mode, pressing left or right button only get you to different stations or pressing the center button only get you to different preset…all these are shown in the manual so I don’t think you should have any problem if you read it