Looking for ideas

I would like to rig up something for my mom so she can listen to her favorite music using digital media that I create for her on the micro SD cards.  She’s eldery with not the greatest eyesight.

What I was thinking of was a SlotPlayer and using the audio out jack to connect to a simple (cheap) amplifier and speakers.  She does not like earphones.   The operative phrase here has to be 'Simple to use".  I think she could operate the SanDisk SlotPlayer.  Anyone know of such a desktop player with speakers and an auxiliary input plug?

On the SlotPlayer - can it randomize the tunes?  Mom would get pretty upset if every time she turned it on it would start playing the same tunes.  If it randomized and I put several hundred tunes on, she’ll never know the difference.


Which slot music player were you thinking of?

Sansa slotMusic Player 


Sansa slotRadio Player  

I’m thinking you ment the music player.  I read on the board that someone said that you can resume where you left off, it doesn’t start over.

Not sure how to connect it to any speakers, maybe someone on the specific board would know.

for the speakers, you might want to get the ones that has the amp built in…

i own a 2-yr-old ATP3 speakers from altec lansing and i still love it… you can get a similar speakers for your mom.

I have the same ATP3 speakers from Altec. I use it both for my PC and my Sansa e250R if I want to crank up the volume.