Looking for Fuze manual in Italian


I’m looking for the Fuze manual in Italian. I could not find it on the italian web site. Anybody can help ?

Thanks in advance !


Sorry about the delay.  I think an Italian translation of the Fuze manual is available via the Sansa Updater.

If you have the application installed, click on teh “S” logo in the system tray.

Select “check for updates”.  A screen should pop up with the User Guide.  Check on that box, and then the application will offer you a list of languages.

The User Guide will install on your hard drive as a readily accessible pdf file.

Simply go to Programs > Sansa Updater> User Guide.

Hope this helps!

Bob :stuck_out_tongue: 


Sorry for being late, I was busy this week end.

I’ve just ordered the Fuze. When it will come, I’ll try it. I guess that I need to find the italian version of the Sansa Updater, I’ll try to search the Italian site.

Thanks a lot for helping me !


No worries.  Just for fun, I just pinged the site for an Italian version User Guide via the Updater, and it’s available.

You’ll like your new Fuze, it’s a great machine!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: