Looking for an MP3 player with 1 simple function

I need an MP3 player that will save the last (approximately) playing position when power is removed, and begin playing at the last (approximately) playing position when power is applied…with no buttons pushed.

A lot of people use MP3 players for things like podcasts and audiobooks in the car, and don’t want to pause and play and stop and power on etc each time entering the car. The auto-pause/auto-resume function should be more like in dash CD players.

Is there any MP3 player out there that works like this?

I’ve been there (e140). Finaly I wrote my software that downloads, cuts, tags (ID3Tagv2.3) files with artist & album. As a result I achieved this functionality. It’s unbelievable I couldn’t find software that could automatically cut file on even parts!

One caveat, sudden power off due to battery discharge restores player to position from previous “soft” power button off. But as you can imagine I can live with it after devoting so much time to overcome other issues ;-).

Additionally slow memory card may take up to 500ms to buffer next part. Which may be irritating if you set e.g. 10-30s parts since pause is discernable.

If you need such soft we can work something out. Eventually do some research with ffmpeg and you can do all of above from command line.