Looking For a Firmware bin file?

I was installing rockbox, and it asked for the origional file, firmware or something, like a bin file? Where do I find this?

Perhaps you should look near the top of the first forum page for the Firmware Update threads. Believe it or not, they have firmware in them.

Also, before you go messing around with Rockbox make sure your Fuze is a v1 unit. That means going to Settings/System Settings and looking to see whether your firmware starts with 1.x or 2.x . If it starts with a 2, no Rockbox. It is a different piece of hardware than the v1. 


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So there is no way to persay, “Downgrade” My V2 fuze to be compatible with rockbox? If not, Are they developing an OS for V2? Thank you.

As I said, it’s different hardware.The only downgrade would be to take the guts out of your v2 and replace them with the guts of a v1. 

I’m sure Rockbox is working on it among their many other projects–which they are doing out of the goodness of their geeky hearts, with little or no help from SanDisk, so you’ll need to be patient. 

You can see how they’re doing at www.rockbox.org

I don’t see anything that indicates a location for a bin file. I am hoping I don’t have to install the updater to get the bin file.

I have a clip+ v01.02.15A  that I am trying to get decent FM reception. My older Clip, non-plus, has great reception, but the reception on the + is utterly useless. With one in each ear, the + in left & the non-+ in the other, the old one scans then picks up the station strong & clear, but all I get from the + is static. I have tried 3 different ones, 6 months apart with the same results. I have heard that Rockbox will improve it, but I can’t find the bin file it asks for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The links in the Firmware post referenced above are to .zip (compressed) files. After downloaded and extracted (de-compressed), you will see the .bin file.

But having said that, I’m not sure how much an improvment you’re going to see in the FM reception using Rockbox firmware. Software (or firmware) cannot compensate or fix hardware. There was some RF shielding used in the original Clip that is absent in the Clip+. Many people have commented/complained about the poorer FM reception in the newer model.

I hope it works for you, but just wanted you to be aware that it may not.

Thanks Tapeworm, I figured as much. But I had read someplace that there was an improvement, but if it is a shielding issue, then it probably isn’t worth even trying. I found a Clip non+ on the Sansa website so I now have a new one which works great. But what a lowsey thing to do, sell a new “improved” product with crappier reception.

@jmacknmo wrote:

But what a lowsey thing to do, sell a new “improved” product with crappier reception.

I agree, but it isn’t limited to SanDisk. The entire world has gone this way now. Everyone’s looking to cut costs at the expense of quality.