Longer mp3 length not recognized no bookmarking

I have audiobooks ripped from cd. I have made a mp3 file for each disk.

I am sure that these audiobooks played on some older sandisk player, which does not live any more.

On two newer ones e.g. SanDisc Clip Sport, the length is not recognized.

E.g. for a file for which Windows correctly displays 1:01 h and which Windows Media Player also displays 1:01 length and plays the full length Clipsport only displays about 3:30 min. It continues to play after this point but if you interrupt playback, there is no way to go back to the point of interruption, you have to start anew.

I have updated to firmware 1.43

I would hate to abandon these nice mp3 players and use my bulky smartphone, but if they don’t do what they are supposed to do …

Make sure the mp3 file is ripped with a constant bit rate. Variable bit rate files can cause problems for some players with less powerful processors. Also although it might seem counter intuitive re-ripping the mp3 file through a different programme can sometimes sort out problems. If it’s for Audiobooks this double processing shouldn’t be a problem with quality.