Long pause after deleting podcast.

Appears to be a very long pause when deleting a podcast since the upgrade. Is this normal and when will it be fixed.


Yes, it is normal.

I believe it’s one of the things they are working on for the next f/w release in November. If not, then certainly the one after that.

I think the long pause is an unannounced database refresh.  Sometimes it takes longer to delete a podcast than it does to listen to it!

Message Edited by Odd_Bob on 11-02-2008 12:14 PM

This is definately a problem since the last firmware update, I do not listen to podcasts but with mp3 songs I used to delete a song and it was done in seconds, now it takes about 5-10 minutes, it just hangs on the delete song yes/no screen for ages then eventually deletes the track.

As a work-around until it’s fixed, you can either manually install the previous firmware version again, and/or do not use the DELETE function on the player. Just do any deletions with your computer when you’re hooked up.