logging unto Flickr Photos

    This should be obvious, but I cannot figure out how to logout of of the Flickr account I used when initially setting up the Connect so that I can login under a different acct.  I have a two yahoo (Flickr)  id’s and would like to be able to switch between them.  It seems as though the username/password that I provided when I first went to the Flickr Photos menu item (where I was prompted for login credentials) is now etched in stone, but most of my photos are under a different Flickr account. Anyone know how to do this without blowing away the entire device settings?

Sorry…but the same Yahoo! ID is used for all the WiFi features on the Sansa Connect.

The Yahoo! ID and password are saved in the Connect after first time Connection to the service.

To change the Yahoo! ID used, you need to run factory reset or use the recovery tool.