Lockup's till batt dies

my first sandisk sucked(fuse) lockups/wsod etc…

then i was given a clip+ which worked great amazing actully. 

then it got run though the washing machine…

so i bought another clip+… after a week it starting acting like the fuse… so i returned it.

the brand new one. starting acting like the other one when i first loaded music on it…

so the repeatable problem.

A. insert memory card with nothing on it freshly formatted fat32 with windows or with gparted(linux)

if that didn’t work

B. take memory card out. put in camera/cellphone(SD cards go everywhere), snap a pic and then put it back in sansa.

and there is your lock up, enjoy

also created folders in the root director seems to do it. so does placing music there. 

also the clip+ seems to f* up the partition table as well. as linux (which is mr 100% or non at all) get’s pissy and keeps makes the cards read only after they come out of the clip+. 

this is on the 1.02.12 and the 1.15 firm ware… i was hoping the problem was only the 1.15 and i could not update the new one :-( 

the smart easy fix… if the sansa can’t read a file/memory card. if should stop and not use the file/card and run with out.

also the format option should be able to only format the card so it’s up to sandisks prefance.

also the sd card is a sandisk

i am going to try to write zero’s to the memory card and then reformat to see if that helps…

edit: zeroing out and a format with xp makes the sansa boot. abit slow… now i’m going to try to put data back on the card and sansa…

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